Our fleet of over 500 taxicabs, owned and operated by independent medallion owners, is at your disposal with real tracking and billing. We offer convenience with coupon books, Yellow Cards, corporate charge accounts and event support. We use the latest available technology and the safest, most comfortable vehicles to provide passengers the highest quality of service. Insist on a Checker Taxi and get the service you deserve!


$3.25 for the first 1/9th mile or less
$0.20 for each additional 1/9th of a mile

There is an extra $1.00 charge for the first additional passenger over the age of 12 and under the age of 65, and $.50 for each additional passenger. There is no extra charge for baggage or credit card use, and tipping is optional

Order a cab for immediate dispatch by texting your complete pickup address to 777222.  Send your name and address and include the city and apartment number if there is one. Your order will be placed and confirmed right away!  GoFastCab and Yellow Cab Chicago offer this service free of charge, but standard texting charges may apply. Visit www.gofastcab.com for more information.


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