The Yellow Card available through Checker Taxi is a branded card service that offers companies in Chicago a simple yet elegant solution for their transportation needs. The Yellow Card allows your employees and customers to utilize the size and resources of our fleet while simplifying your bookkeeping by replacing paper vouchers, coupons and credit card receipts with a simple online portal. Businesses can now control when and how often their employees use company-reimbursed transportation, and they can get real time updates on transportation usage. Trips can also be categorized by client to simplify your own billing.

Supercharge your trade shows and conventions by sending a Yellow Card with your company’s logo to potential clients. We can print your logo and your booth location on the card, and you can send the cards to convention goers to bring them in from the airport, to get them from the hotel to the convention center, or to give them free transportation for the entire week. You decide the benefits; we program the cards to suit your needs.

Control and Manage Your Corporate Transportation Expenses
With the Yellow Card not only can you eliminate paper vouchers, but you can contriol and manage your ground transportation expenses through a simple, ultra-secure web-based interface. Each card can be assigned to a specific empolyee or group, and can be recharged and reused through your web interface. You can apply custom rules to each card, or all of your cards, that control how, when and for how much each of your cards can be used. Billing can be viewed in real time on your secure portal over the web. Our online DEMO will show you how it’s done.

Eliminate Paper Vouchers and Coupons
With a Yellow Card program you can eliminate hassles with paper vouchers and those little taxicab receipts, and enpower your employees to get where they need to go to do your business. Replace the paper with a simple electronic card that YOU manage transportation through a simple web interface. YOU control which employees or customers get a card, how and when they use the card, and how much is spent. Authorize card use only on weekdays. Restrict usage to a maximum dollar amount. Allow usage only after 8PM? No problem. With the Yellow Card you can make your ground transportation expense management a cinch and reduce your billing and management expenses at the same time! Let our online demo show you how.

Empower Events
Employees taking clients to dinner? Have a special customer you want to join you at a show or event? With a Yellow Card, that employee or client can be issued a card that will work specifically for the time frame you need it to, and you can control the maximum amount spent via internet based restrictions. YOU apply the rules, YOU decide when and how the cards can be used, and YOU are more likely to see your client at your show if you take care of his transportation expenses.

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